Released for PlayStation 5 console

Join Kimuto in this dungeon crawler replenished with dangers, secrets and humour!

( Published by D-Lo Games and developed by Josyan )

Creepy Balls

Released for Nintendo Switch console

Assist the enigmatic feline in guiding the pumpkin to its ultimate destination. To achieve this, you must gather all identically colored balls together to progress. The more balls you gather, the higher your score. There are no restrictions on the number you can collect!

( Publisher and developed by D-Lo Games )

Chess Gambit

Released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox Consoles

Soon to be Released on Steam

Embark on a medieval journey as you enter the rivalry between Knights’ Citadels and Bishops’ Keeps. In this immersive chess battle, watch as your pieces come to life. Will you lead your honored troops to triumph, or will your opponent’s cunning tactics outmaneuver you? Strategize your moves and lead your noble forces to victory in a clash of medieval warriors.

( Published and developed by D-Lo Games )


Released for ZX Spectrum Next
(Digital and Physical editions)

It’s a bee and bad-guy jumping jamboree!
Can you change all the cubes while avoiding the creatures out to get you?

( Published and developed by D-Lo Games )

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