Q*Bee for ZX Spectrum Next

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Physical edition of Q*bee for ZX Spectrum Next
It’s a bee and bad-guy jumping jamboree!

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It’s a bee and bad-guy jumping jamboree!
Keep jumping over the cubes to change them to the target colour. Complete the whole pyramid and dispose of the dangers in your way.
Can you change all the cubes while avoiding the creatures out to get you?
Hurl bombs and fly on psychedelic disks as you progress through an ever-challenging series of fiendish levels.
Are you ready to enter the wacky world of Q*Bee???

Game features:

  • 36 stages divided into 9 Levels of 4 rounds each.
  • Progressive difficulty levels with unique enemies and challenges.
  • Flying psychedelic discs will help you to get rid of the baddies.
  • Powerful bombs to defeat your enemies, Use them wisely!
  • 512 colours Layer 2 screen mode,
  • Wonderful isometric graphics. Every sprite casts its own shadow.
  • Beautiful soundtracks featuring 3 + 3 AY channels for music & effects.
  • Hi-score and top ten record screen.
  • Smooth movements and accurate game control.
  • 50Hz/60Hz speed game auto-adjustment. Playability is the king!


Programming: Daniel Lopez
Graphics and cover design: Simon Butler
Music & effects: Alberto J. Gonzalez (McAlby)
Produced by D-Lo Games

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